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Investors can study the decisions made by financial market experts and use these to their own advantage.

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    All the moomoc are rigorously checked for quality. Nevertheless, we do not recommend risking everything on just one portfolio, instead, you should subscribe to more than one moomoc. You will thank us for this piece of advice.

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    When you make your selection, don't focus solely on the fees but, above all, on the security of your assets. This is your hard-earned money. So be careful.

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    If you want to reconstruct a moomoc sample portfolio then don't hesitate. Trading is the order of the day.

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    We are not able to and not allowed to access your trading account. Tailor the size of your positions to your account size. And take care as you do so.

  • Place the Orders

    Input all the orders correctly with the broker of your choice. And then sit back and enjoy life. There are more important things than moomoc or the stock market.

  • Keep in touch with the results

    Stay with it. But, at the same time, keep the necessary distance. From a mental point of view, the market is not always easy. And even without you the market will get through the trading day just fine.

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